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Why You Should Consider Buying A Home in Queen Creek, AZ

Consider Buying A Home In Queen Creek, AZ

In this article, I’m going to share why I think you should consider buying a home in Queen Creek. Queen Creek is positioned in the southeast corner of Maricopa County. It is a growing community located in the East Valley, only 45 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Queen Creek is a great place to live because housing is more affordable, the schools are highly rated, it offers a quiet location only a short distance from metro areas, the schools are some of the highest-rated in the State of Arizona, there are many great parks and fun local events.

Queen Creek enjoys low crime rates, excellent air quality, a large selection of recreational activities & events, and an easy commute into the Phoenix metro area. All of these make Queen Creek one of the best places to live in Arizona.

Home Price Comparisons

The median home price in Queen Creek is approximately $292,000, which is about 10% less, on average compared to other popular cities in Maricopa County. For example, the median home price in Chandler is about $320,000 and the median home price in Gilbert is approximately $333,000.

The overall cost of living in Queen Creek is only slightly lower than Chandler and Gilbert, so you will save some, but the majority of your cost savings will be in the price of your home. With Queen Creek home prices about 10% less on average, that also means you’ll be able to afford a larger home or one with more features.

Queen Creek Schools Are Highly Rated

The Queen Creek Unified School District is one of the highest-rated school districts in Arizona and all of the schools in the Queen Creek area are very highly rated in comparison to the schools in surrounding cities.

Queen Creek Unified School District is ranked 13th in the entire State of Arizona per scoring and reviews on with a total of 10 different schools from Pre-K to grade 12. Click here to learn more about Queen Creek Unified School District and specific school information.

Click here for Queen Creek Unified School District

Shopping in Queen Creek

consider buying a home in queen creek, az Even though Queen Creek is one of the smaller-sized cities in Maricopa Country, it still offers some great local shopping options. The Queen Creek Marketplace is centrally located and offers 57 different stores including a Super Target, Kohls, Ross, Joann, and TJ Maxx. It also has a huge selection of restaurants.

From Queen Creek, it is also just a short, 9-mile drive to the Mesa Market Swap Meet. This marketplace is open year-round and is home to 1600+ shops. There is a food court with live music and admission is free. It’s a fun shopping trip for the entire family.

Parks & Recreation Centers

Queen Creek has a great selection of family-friendly parks. Mansel Carter Oasis Park is tops on that list. This park is on nearly 50 acres and provides plenty of restrooms and parking. Centrally located in Queen Creek, the Mansel Carter Oasis Park is Queen Creek’s newest park and features a fishing lake, hiking trails, and shaded picnic areas.

The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center is also a great place for local entertainment. You can check their website calendar here for upcoming events. It has shows for every age group and can be a great option for dates or family outings.

Local Events & Things to Do

When you live in Queen Creek, you’ll enjoy 1 to 2 new local events each month. Not only specifically in Queen Creek but you’re just a quick drive over to events in Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler.

Queen Creek is also home to the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center, a state-of-the-art equestrian facility that serves as host to a wide variety of events including rodeos, concerts, and car shows. Click here for a list of events at the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center.

Another fun spot to check out is the Queen Creek Olive Mill. They offer tours of their farm and olive oil factory. The Olive Mill has been making olive oil in Queen Creek since the late 1990s with Olives being one of Queen Creek’s top producing crops. Their farm now has over 7,000 olive trees and they produce a dozen different varieties of local olive oil.

Click this link for the Queen Creek Events Calendar

Summary of Living in Queen Creek

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, you definitely should consider buying in Queen Creek. First, you’ll be able to afford more home for your money and the community is showing explosive growth.

The schools are highly rated, and the area is family-friendly with a great selection of parks and local events. Queen Creek still has a small-town feel, has a low crime rate, and is full of friendly people.

If you would like to get pre-approved for a home loan before shopping for a home in Queen Creek, call us at (888) 425-9451 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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